On Saturday 26th August, Rosemary Perry a resident of Golden Harvest No 1 retirement village, gave a presentation to over 40 fellow residents and guests from the quilting fraternity. Her presentation entitled “My Quilt Symphony” about her love for quilting captivated the audience. She attended a quilt festival around 1991 after which she made her first quilt. Later she received accreditation as a Golden Rand Guild Teacher and has now been given the Recommended Teacher status at the South African Quilt Guild that enables her to teach at the National Quilt Festival. She has made several quilts for charity.

During her presentation Rose showed instruments, tools and the material used in quilting and displayed many magnificent quilts. She described each quilt and provided a brief explanation of how they were made and what they represented. Rose explained the many benefits derived from quilting: Relieves stress and anxiety, improves cognitive function, enhances fine motor skills, boosts mood and self-esteem, results in social interaction and improved sleep. She ended her presentation with this quote: “Just as a quilt is made of many unique pieces, so too is life enriched by the diversity of experiences.” Rose received a standing ovation from both the ladies and the men who attended the breakfast when John Ferrier, the breakfast convenor, thanked and congratulated her on her interesting and outstanding presentation.